WCA urinal

WCA urinal

The WCA urinal has changed, we started to incorporate the water inlet diffuser.
This modification aims to simplify the assemble operation and improve the functionality as well as the cleaning proceedure of the urinal.
The placement of the urinal shall be indexed only to the position of the drain.

The installation dimentions are similar, so it’s possible a replacement of a urinal without a water inlet diffuser for this new.

The WCA urinal packaging includes the following components:
– The mounting kit;
– The water inlet diffuser (ref. 5A11050011 – Diffuser for urinal WCA chrome, that includes the flexible water connection);
– Siphon;
– The discharge curve;
– The urinal assembly instructions.

For the installation is necessary to use a knee 1 / 2 “M / M (not supplied, see photo enclosed) to connect the water inlet on the flexible wall.

All technical information on the WCA urinal (technical drawings, assembly instructions, etc..) site was updated in our technical www.tec.sanindusa.pt