Cleaning, maintenance and use shower trays and bathtubs

use and maintenance Sanindusa shower trays and bathtubs

Sanindusa recommends the following instructions for use and maintenance of shower trays and bathtubs.

SANINDUSA bath and shower trays are of easy maintenance.

After each use, wipe the remains of soap and/or shampoo. In general it is recommended a weekly complete cleaning with water and neutral soap or detergent. Never use abrasive powders/detergents or liquid/creamy detergents with abrasives.

For a perfect cleansing finishing, clean with a soft dry cloth or a chamois leather cloth.



Particular attention should be taken to ensure the placement of an anti-slip mat or in alternative a towel or douche/bath exit towel on the surface of the shower tray/bath in order to prevent accidents.

All technical information about our products are online on our technical website.



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