Furniture – Warranty and Cleaning Instructions

Urb.y furniture
Sanindusa grants warranty for the legal required period of 2 years, regarding the bathroom furniture manufactured by the company, providing the maintenance and cleaning instructions described bellow, are followed.
This warranty does not cover damages caused by improper installation or improper use of our products.
The company Sanindusa reserves the right to determine the liability of the damages.
Failure to comply these procedures will void all warranty coverage.

Maintenance and cleaning shall be carried out periodically and regularly.
Therefore, clean the surfaces using a soft cloth slightly moistened and then dry it with a soft cloth.
Never use any type of caustic or acid detergents, or any other products containing chlorine solvents (diluents) and abrasive products (rough sponges)
Never place hot objects directly onto the surfaces.

The wood and veneers are natural materials. Consequently, they are susceptible to the occurrence of wood veins and shade variations.
Both materials are sensitive to moisture. Liquids in contact with the surfaces must be cleaned immediately.
In order to clean these surfaces use a soft and moist cloth.
Splashes and grease stains shall be removed with a soft cloth slightly moistened with neutral soap.

In order to get the best appearance of metallic surfaces we recommend you to keep all the surfaces free from calcium deposits (in water) and neutral soap residues. During the cleaning you shall use a soft cloth with warm water and neutral soap.
For a perfect finishing, clean the surface with a soft and dry cloth or a chamois leather.
Never under any circumstances use liquid or cream aggressive cleaning products. Steel wool, aluminium or synthetic cleaning cloths as well as artificial sponges are absolutely forbidden.
Never use cleaning products with acid or active substance components, such as some available products to remove limestone or to dissolve scale deposits

For a perfect functioning of the hinges and slide runners, drop a little bit of lubricant for hinges on the wear metal parts. This operation will avoid strange noises and will extend the lifetime of your bathroom furniture.

The frosted or painted glasses shall be used with the treated side down or turned towards the interior. Avoid crashes, especially on the brims once they are easily breakable even in tempered glass.
Do not place hot or cold objects directly onto the glass.

• Avoid the bathroom furniture exposure to direct or indirect sun lights .
• Ensure an adequate ventilation in your bathroom.
• Do not overload the bathroom furniture with weights exceeding 5 Kg.
• Never sit or sit a child on top of the bathroom furniture. Besides the risk for the child and/or for yourself, remember that the bathroom
furniture was not conceived for such usage!
• Do not drag the bathroom furniture with objects inside or without the guidance of a specialized technician. Special attention to closets
in what refers to the structure and the levelling of doors and drawers.
• In case of comprising an electrical connection, the installation shall be carried out by a qualified technician, in accordance with the
legislation in force in the country concerned.
• Avoid placing sharped objects on top of the pieces to avoid scratches and injuries.

Remember that good things last longer when we take care of them. Therefore, if you follow these guidelines your furniture will last for many years and will keep its new appearance for long time.


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