LOOK furniture

83 look furniture

Sanindusa has just launched LOOK furniture.
In development are 3 more dimentions with their washbasins.

Code Description
134350 Countertop basin Look 63×47
134360 Countertop basin Look 83×47
63420 Furniture for 63 washbasin Look with 2 drawers
63421 Furniture for 83 washbasin Look with 2 drawers

Selling points:   
– Furniture with smoove locking system. Two drawers that provide generous storage capacity and allow you to keep the bathroom space organized.

For a better understanding of the characteristics and technical features of this model, download the file here from technical dossier.

In our technical website you will find all the technical details our products.

Consult the document Furniture – Warranty and Cleaning Instructions

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