New Wc Care bathtub

New Wc Care bathtub
Sanindusa has available a wide range of products for people with reduced mobility.
Sanindusa brand has now two bathtubss to complement the New Wccare series, with the following dimensions: 1700 × 750 and 1800x800mm, available with and without hydromassage.
These solutions allows a complete freedom of movement in the care of children, the elderly or people with reduced mobility.

This model is a solution that includes in addition to the bath, the shower door, the door, panels, seat, headrest and the chassis.

Ref Description
8072000000 1700X750 New WCcare right bathtub – white
8071000000 1800X800 New WCcare leftbbathtub – white
8272011100 1700X750 New WCcare right bathtub – white (starter kit chrome handles direito/50Hz/sem)
8271021100 1800X800 New WCcare left bathtub – white (starter kit chrome handles esquerdo/50Hz/sem)

See HERE a detailed video of the bathtub.

The technical dossier contains all the information about these New Wccare bathtubs.

All technical information on these tubs, are online on our site technician .

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