Piano acrylic shower trays

piano shower trays

Sanindusa has just launched the acrylic shower trays PIANO.
These shower trays arise to provide solutions to various space needs, from a size and technical perspective.
In total, there is a range of 64 different solutions.
Sizes available from 1 to 2 meters length, widths (70, 75, 80 and 90cm) and brims 3.5cm and 7.5cm.
The surface finishes : smooth and textured surface and anti-slip (by request).

The Piano acrylic shower trays can be the perfect choice for large shower spaces or bathtub replacement.
They were designed for people who enjoy comfort and quality during shower time.

Code Description
8020700000 120X80x3.5 Piano shower tray in white
8024300000 120X80x 7.5 Piano shower tray in white

» Wide range of sizes adaptable to different spaces;
» Spacious interior;
» Contemporary design;
» Versatile application.

For a better understanding of Piano acrylic shower trays features, download the file here.

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